The Best Bedroom Colors

The Best Bedroom Colors for 2022

The general idea is to employ the colors you adore when choosing a color scheme for your property. Nevertheless, studies show that color can affect a variety of things, including your appetite and sleep quality. It is crucial to give your bedroom color scheme a lot of thought before deciding on it.

Colors for a Good Night’s Sleep

You should establish a tranquil refuge where you can rest and pamper yourself if you want to get the best night’s sleep. While some colors encourage sleep, others stimulate you and make it difficult to do so. The improper colors can affect how well you sleep at night, even if you fall asleep immediately away.

For your bedroom walls, subdued hues work best in general. Some of the greatest options include light blues, gentle greens, and various tones of white, beige, and gray. But if you’re undecided, you might choose to choose blue for your basic color. In a 2018 survey, participants thought that blue was a more upbeat and tranquil color than other colors.  Green was the second choice, followed by violet, orange, yellow and red.

It doesn’t mean you can’t decorate your bedroom with a vibrant color like red. Just make sure to utilize them sensibly. To include your favorite color into the space without painting the entire thing burnt pumpkin, pick a light shade of salmon and add some orange accents. Do you like yellow? Use a light cream-colored yellow, such as Dunn Edwards Paints’ Cotton Puff.

Bedroom Colors to Avoid

While many of your favorites can be included in your bedroom, some should be avoided. Red, for instance, can make you more prone to flight or fight, which you don’t want right before bed. Vivid oranges, pinks, and purples might also be overly colorful for the bedroom. Beige is preferable to dark brown since it may conjure up negative memories like doubt and monotony.

In a strict sense, black is not a color. There is a lack of light. There are good reasons to use it and bad ones to exclude it from your bedroom color scheme. Secondly, it can connote negative emotions like death, dread, and despair, just like brown. If you overdo it, it can also make your bedroom appear small and dreary. But when used sparingly, black can anchor a space and help make it feel calming and relaxing.

Are you prepared to choose a color? Wait a minute. Glossy paint finishes should also be avoided when choosing paint for your bedroom. Light can reflect off of gloss, and light can activate your brain. Choose a flat or matte finish as an alternative.

Popular Bedroom Colors for 2022

The phrases “blue” or “green” can be generalized in the domain of color. Even infinite variations of white are available to paint your bedroom walls. In order to help you choose your color scheme, the following list takes a closer look at the colors that were previously suggested:

Blue: Blue is a fantastic color for the bedroom because it is one of the most peaceful hues. Consider using a light blue color, such as Behr’s Soft Cloud or After Rain, if you wish to paint all four walls. A slightly darker blue, such to Sherwin-Williams’ Aleutian, might go well with light beige or white bedding and natural accents like wood furniture and a bamboo area rug. Navy would look wonderful when used sparingly on one wall or to draw attention to an architectural element. Try Sherman-Williams’ Deep Sea Dive for a rich, jewel-toned alternative.

Green: A shade of green that would look good in the bedroom is both Sherman-Williams’ and Behr’s color of the year. Evergreen Fog, the Sherman-Williams color of the year, is similar to olive and might be used to cover all four walls when paired with bedding and furnishings. The whitish-green color Behr’s Breezeway will make your space feel light and breezy. Darker green is an option as well, as long as you stick to just one wall. Any dark hue used in excess will make your bedroom appear smaller.

White: It’s not always white. It can have subtle beige, gray, yellow, red, or other color tints. Just Dunn-Edwards’ collection of whites contains 115 different varieties. So you may choose something like Dunn Edwards’ Sung Cottage if you want a peaceful bedroom but are set on yellow walls. Nevertheless, if you prefer red, you could find the business’ Strawberry Dust to be an appropriate and calming substitute.

Gray: A popular wall color today, gray looks great in bedrooms. For a soothing, spa-like atmosphere, stick with lighter hues like Sea Salt by Sherman-Williams or Cold Wind by Dunn-Edwards. Gray can, like white, contain undertones of other hues like blue or green. And if you apply it sparingly, you can go completely dark.

Beige: This tried-and-true color gives the bedroom a natural appearance. A typical beige color like Sherman-Williams’ Accessible Beige would look great with wood furniture, white, green, or brown accents. Use greige for a more modern twist. Greige, a combination of gray and beige, makes a great background for practically any accent color.

Bring paint chips from the store or order one of the 8″ x 8″ peel and stick samples of Sherman-Williams’ most popular colors ($3.95 each or $3.50 each if you order four or more) before you buy paint. Because your home’s lighting is different from that of the store, paint colors may seem differently on your wall than they do in the store. Attach the paint sample to your wall and see how it appears during the day by leaving it there for at least one day.

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