How to remove eyelash extensions? Is it painful?

It’s not easy to look pretty right? We all try so many beauty products that are trending in the fashion world. In this globalized world, it’s not that hard to make fake things if you lack something naturally.

Talking about this, eyelash extension is a trending beauty product. If you don’t have thick eyelashes then you might have done eyelash extension. However, sometimes we might want to remove it for some reason. Therefore, here we are to answer your question: How to remove eyelash extensions?

You must be tired of your eyelash extensions and want to say goodbye. You have to be careful while removing. If you try to carelessly remove it then you might damage your natural lashes.


In this blog, we’ll provide you with every tip and solution in a step-by-step process of how to remove eyelash extensions. If you want to remove it just for a new one or want to give your natural lashes a break, we’ve got you covered.

What Is Eyelash Extensions?

Eyelash extensions fall under a beauty section. It is a popular beauty treatment where people attach synthetic fibers or mink hairs to natural eyelashes using eyelash glue.

A professional beautician attaches these extensions to enhance the length, thickness, and curl of the natural lashes. You can remove it at home too. So, learn how to remove eyelash extensions by yourself.


Similarly, these fake lashes can be customized according to individual preferences. You can have different styles, from a subtle enhancement to a dramatic, voluminous effect.

how to remove eyelash extensions
Learn how to remove eyelash extensions.

These glamourous eyelash extensions take you out of trouble putting mascara. Fun fact: it can last for several weeks or months if you do proper care before needing a touch-up or removal.

Eyelash extensions have now become a needed thing in the beauty industry. It is a convenient way to achieve long and luscious lashes without putting on mascara and gives a more authentic look.


How to remove eyelash extensions?

Though you might feel pretty for some time after putting on eyelash extensions when it has it is time to come it could become quite troublesome. While removing these things you have to be extra careful so that you won’t damage any of your natural lashes.

Therefore, here will help you remove it slowly. We have listed the step-by-step guide on how to remove eyelash extensions.

  • First of all, never forget to wash your hands before touching your skin. This might sound unnecessary but this simple yet crucial step prevents germs and dirt to not entering your eye.
  • Once your hands are clean, gather every product that you need to remove it. Doing this will be comfortable as you can do your work without any interruptions during the removal process.
  • Similarly, cleanse your face and eyelids with a facial cleanser to get rid of any from the lashes. Now, it’s time to move on to the next step. Oil-based removers like coconut oil or castor oil, are good for removing the adhesive used.
  • After applying the oil-based remover, steam your face to loosen the adhesive more.
  • Gently comb your lashes with a clean spoolie. This is done to separate the loosened extensions from your natural lashes.
  • Do not try to tug or pull lashes forcefully.
  • After all these processes cleanse your face to remove any remaining oil or adhesive residue.
  • Lastly, apply a gentle moisturizer around your eyes. As of now, you have become an expert on how to remove eyelash extensions by yourself.

How to remove Eyelash extensions at home?

Sometimes we get so busy with our other work, we won’t even have time to eat. This will be problematic to those individuals who love taking care of themselves. Likewise, people who have done their eyelash extensions might not get time to visit their lash tech.


Therefore, for that time we are here to give you the solution without traveling. You might question how to remove eyelash extensions at home. Yes, you can do that and here we have listed the step-by-step guides on eyelash extension removal process.

  1. Use an Oil-Based Makeup Remover: Use removers that have glycols to dissolve adhesive bonds.
  2. Take a Steamy Shower: Stem is a great method to loosen those fake lashes. You can also do a face steam.
  3. Castor Oil: If you are a beauty and skincare enthusiast you might already know that castor oil is king of these things. Be careful not to get any in your eyes.
  4. Consider a Professional Adhesive Remover: You can also use adhesive remover for eyelash extension remover. Only use those recommended by your beautician.
  5. Don’t Pick or Pull at Your Lashes: Do not use tweezers and hot compresses, as they can damage your natural lashes.

Now let’s have look at step-by-step tutorial for the removal process:

  1. Apply Oil-Based Remover: Gently massage your lashes with the cotton ball soaked with oil-based remover. This oil-based remover works as an eyelash remover.
  2. Wait: After applying the remover wait for 10 minutes to loosen the glue.
  3. Gently Pull: Gently pull out the fake extension with the help of tweezers at a 45-degree angle. If it is still hard to pull out then apply more oil.
  4. Seek Help if Needed: Despite these, if it’s still not working then it will be better to see a professional.

How to remove Eyelash Glue?

how to remove eyelash extensions at home

Removing fake Eyelash glue is a crucial task because it might affect your natural lashes and eyes too. Therefore, take a look below to learn how to remove eyelash extensions glue safely:


Step 1: Use Makeup Remover:

Take cotton filled with oil-based makeup remover. Put the soaked cotton and keep it against each closed eye for 30 seconds to one minute.

Step 2: Gently Swipe Away:

After some time gently swipe away the cotton and you will see the makeup remover to work its magic. As you swipe away the softened glue easily slides off along with the false lashes. This won’t cause any damage to your natural lashes.

Step 3: Repeat the Process:

Even after doing this if there are still traces of glue residue, repeat the same process.


Step 4: Cleanse:

After removing all the lashes and glue residue cleanse your face. Thoroughly cleansing helps to get rid of all the remaining dirt. Now, you are ready for your nighttime skincare routine steps.

Step 5: Remove Glue From False Lashes:

Do not forget to remove glue from the false lashes for future use. You can use the same oil-based makeup remover and cotton to remove it. Now, you have learned how to remove eyelash extensions.

How to get eyelash out of eye?

The eye is a sensitive part of our body. Therefore, we have to be extra careful working around those areas. A simple mistake can lead you to be blind. Our lashes naturally fall out.


However, sometimes it gets stuck in your eyes which could be painful. Let’s have a look at the process of how to get eyelash out of eye safely. After knowing how to remove eyelash extensions by yourself you should also add this on list because sometime it might fall on your eye while doing this.

  • Before touching your eyes wash your hands with soap and water and dry them. Remove contact lenses if you are wearing them.
  • Look at the mirror. Gently and carefully pull the skin above your brow bone and below your eye. Now look for the eyelash floating in your eye.
  • After spotting it blink several times because sometimes, your natural tears can wash out the eyelash on their own.
  • If you find a lash at the upper eyelid, gently pull your upper eyelid forward and over toward your lower lid. Try to look in different directions to move the eyelash toward the center of your eye.
  • Use a wet cotton swab to gently grab it. Disclaimer: Only do this if the eyelash is on the white part of your eye.
  • Use artificial tears or saline solution to flush out the eyelash. If it’s still not working, fill a cup with lukewarm, filtered water and lower your eye toward it to rinse out the eyelash.
  • Even after doing all these, it still hasn’t come out then take a shower and direct a gentle stream of water toward your eye.

How long do eyelash extensions last?

To make the eyelash extensions last you have to be extra careful and attentive. The typical time for eyelash extensions is about six weeks. Similarly, learn how long does a tan last.

Richardson from Harper Bazzar says,


“To extend the life of the extensions, I recommend using a lash conditioner and gently combing through your lashes with a dry spoolie brush. I also suggest getting ‘refills’ every two to three weeks to fill in any sparse areas.”

You should know how long it last so that you can make appointment to go seek a lash expert on how to remove eyelash extensions. Take a look below to learn the tips and suggestions on how to maintain their longevity:


  • Do not use oily products around your eyes because they will loosen the adhesive and your extensions will fall out prematurely.
  • It is recommended to use micellar water or oil-free makeup-removing pads to cleanse around your eyes. But, if you know how to remove eyelash extensions then you also know that oil makeup remover is needed in there,


  • Avoid using mascara, especially waterproof formulas.
  • It’s better not to put loose powder or glittery eye shadows because they can build up on the roots of your lashes.
  • Use eyeliner of gel or liquid formulas that won’t stick to the roots of your lashes.

Face Washing:

  • Gently wash your face to avoid bumping your extensions.
  • Carefully cleanse and rinse the area around your eyes.


  • Always clean your eyelids and lash line regularly.
  • Make a mixture of distilled water and tear-free baby shampoo to make a cleanser.


  • Brush your lashes daily with a soft spoolie to prevent tangling.

Remove ingrown Eyelash:

An ingrown eyelash problem is quite common for many individuals. It is painful and need to take care of it safely with more caution. This happens when an eyelash grows the wrong way and pokes into your eye.

The symptoms are you feel like a needle poking your eye and can hurt a lot. Ingrown eyelashes can be easily fixed at home or sometimes you will need help from a doctor. If you know how to remove eyelash extensions, removing ingrown is quite complicated than that.


You can also learn how to get rid of acne fast. Take a look at the step-by-step process on how to remove ingrown eyelashes safely:

  1. Wash your hands with soap and water thoroughly to not get infected with outside bacteria.
  2. Take a clean cloth soaking in warm water and put it on your eye for a few minutes. This makes your hair follicles soft.
  3. Grab the eyelash with clean tweezers.
  4. Pull the eyelash out gently in the direction it grows. Don’t pull too hard!
  5. After you remove the eyelash, put some antiseptic on it to keep it clean.
  6. If you can’t get it out or your eye looks infected, go see a doctor.

Moreover, do not forget to be careful and gentle when doing this. If you’re not sure, it’s better to ask for help.

Remove skin tag on Eyelash line:

Skin tags are the excess cell growth in the skin. It commonly appears in the body of older people. Skin tag consists of collagen and blood vessels. They often appear on the eyelids, neck, armpits, groin area, and beneath the breasts.


They are harmless and painless. However, sometimes it can be irritating if it appears near the eyelash line. It might interfere with vision or cause cosmetic concerns. Skin tag is different than beauty mark vs mole.

Given below we have listed the suggestions on what you need to know about removing a skin tag near the eyelash line:

  1. Consult a Doctor: Thinking it is harmless do not try to remove it by yourself at home. It is important to consult with a doctor or dermatologist. They will easily remove the skin tag in a safest way.
  2. Professional Removal: There are some methods doctors use to remove skin tags like cryotherapy (freezing), scissor excision (cutting), or electrosurgery (burning).
  3. Avoid DIY Removal: It is strongly not recommended to remove a skin tag near the eyelash line at home is strongly discouraged because it is a delicate area of our body. DIY removal methods also increase the risk of injury, infection, or damage to the eyes.
  4. Follow Doctor’s Advice: Listen to the doctor’s recommendations and follow their instructions carefully to remove it.

How to use Eyelash curler?

At first eyelash curler might look scary to use. We understand many of us find those curlers scary thinking we might poke our eyes if it looks painful. However, don’t worry we are here to save you. Eyelash curlers are pretty easy to use. You just need some push and practice, then hola! You are perfect.


To use an eyelash curler, first of all, make sure your lashes are clean and dry. Though, some people do use it after applying mascara, that’s okay too. If you have mascara already then wait for it to dry completely.

how to remove eyelash extensions
How to remove eyelash extensions and also learn to use eyelash curl.

Now, take out the eyelash curler and keep it near the base of your upper lashes. Keep it straight so that it is aligned evenly across your lash line.

Likewise, slowly and gently close the curler around your lashes. Hold it firmly but not too strongly otherwise you will hurt yourself or pull out your lashes!


Keep it still for few seconds then slightly release and pulse it gently a few times towards the tips of your lashes. Finally, open the curler and release your lashes. Always be gentle doing this process.

If you love dramatic curls, repeat the same process by curling your lashes in sections. After curling the lashes apply the mascara. And done!


How often should you remove eyelash extensions?

You can remove eyelash extensions every 2-3 weeks to maintain a fresh look. You should know how to remove eyelash extensions, so that you won’t poke your eyes.


What happens if you remove eyelashes?

If you remove eyelashes forcefully than you will damage the hair follicles and lead to sparse or uneven lash growth.

Why do I lose eyelashes when removing mascara?

It’s common to lose some lashes when removing Mascara because mascara sticks lashes together, making them fall.

How to safely remove eyelashes?

Use adhesive lash remover to safely remove eyelashes. You can also got to eyelash technician and also learn tips on how to remove eyelash extensions to do it at home next time.


Is it normal to lose eyelashes when removing mascara?

Yes, it’s normal to lose a few eyelashes when removing mascara. Therefore, be more gentle while removing it.

Does Vaseline remove eyelash extensions?

Do not use Vaseline to remove eyelash extensions because it will be difficult to clean and may cause irritation.

Does Olive oil remove eyelash extensions?

Using olive oil to remove eyelash extensions is not much effective as specialized adhesive removers.


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