The most recent fashion industry trend is here: 1. The importance of comfort. 2. Clothes durability and cost are more crucial as ever.

How does this shift in comfort and cost manifest itself? And how can you be disagreeable about cost, sustainability, and quality while still feeling at ease and appearing professional?


A sizable portion of the population has switched to working from home during the last few years. What first appeared to be a transitory change most certainly has a long-term effect on how we work in the future. Many experts think that the epidemic provides the impetus for a shift toward more flexible work settings and schedules, including a rise in the number of employees who telecommute from home (for at least part of their hours).

Retailers have noticed a sharp increase in the sales of comfy clothing and sweatpants because of this. The hottest trend right now is wearing comfortable but not too casual work-from-home attire so you can still seem polished and motivated.

Yet as more individuals are searching for a professional style “for the waist up” on Zoom and other virtual conference calls, firms have also witnessed a rise in the sale of professional shirts. We’re not quite in our pajamas yet. All we really want is to look stunning and feel comfortable.

We have been looking for an excuse to dress up while dressing down, and working from home provides that.


Nobody is surprised that the majority of Americans are striving to tighten their belts and become more conscious of their expenditures. They are more cautious and price conscious because of uncertain times, decreased wages, and an uncertain future.

Still, we adore looking for stunning apparel. It’s critical to appear and feel amazing in the things we wear now more than ever. It gives you more self-assurance and is essential for practicing self-love and self-care.

What can you do, then, to keep your spending in check while still appreciating “the better things” (i.e., fashion) in life?

Here are 8 simple ways to look great for less and feel comfortable in your work from home clothes.


There is a good reason why consignment shops have emerged as the hottest fashion trend. Purchasing used goods is much like doing so, but at a much lower price. Designer clothing is available for hundreds of dollars less. This indicates that you will receive durable, high-quality items without paying a hefty price.

Here are some reasons why we enjoy using Current Boutique to buy used clothes for work from home:

  • The fact that the items passed our stringent purchasing process assures you that you are getting high-quality items. If the clothing has made it to our shelves, it implies that it is of the highest caliber and has been created by the top designers. That is our promise!
  • Our works are exquisitely one-of-a-kind and become more valuable with time. Pieces from this season, last season, or 10 years ago are all available. We display timeless fashions here.
  • Our items are reasonably priced. You can save up to 70% off the original retail price when you shop consignment. Consider being able to purchase the season’s hottest products (or timeless treasures) without significantly depleting your budget.
  • We mainly sell environmentally friendly apparel. These objects have previously demonstrated their durability and deserve a home (otherwise, they would be in a landfill). Hence, purchasing used goods prevents beautiful products from being squandered. Moreover, Current Boutique places a focus on sustainable sourcing and manufacturing methods, as well as eco-friendly apparel fabrics like cotton and wool.


Do you need some more cash to support your spending habits? Go through your wardrobe, get rid of anything you don’t wear or doesn’t fit, and then sell the items to consignment shops. You can earn enough money to purchase new work-from-home attire while also reducing the sad amount of textile waste that the fashion industry produces.


Cashmere is really opulent, just as it sounds. Yet, luxury doesn’t always come with a high price tag. Cashmere is much less expensive second-hand than new, and genuine cashmere actually gets softer over time. This means that buying used cashmere gives higher-quality, cozier material for a lot less money!

Cashmere is my obsession when I’m working from home. Even though it’s made of such a luxurious and opulent fabric, you still feel polished and professional when wearing it.


High-end designers create long-lasting clothing. Although fast fashion clothes may be less expensive, they also lose their structural integrity after only a few washes and wears. If you take good care of designer apparel, it can survive for months, years, and occasionally even decades. This kind of longevity indicates that the money you spend will be beneficial for a very long period.

Also, designer apparel is made to fit and feel fantastic. Fast fashion cannot match that degree of quality. Designer clothing is therefore your best choice if you want to wear clothing that looks and feels wonderful. Purchasing a few designer items might enable you to radiantly shine from the inside out!

Again, purchasing designer doesn’t have to be expensive when you shop secondhand!


Numerous companies are having specials to entice customers to shop as a result of the quarantine, including Current Boutique! I love a good deal, so I’ve been enjoying all the sales offered by my favorite retail stores.

Some ways to find the best deals”

  • Register receive emails from the brands and shops you love. Any time they have a sale or a promotion going on, they’ll send you an email. Get Craving Current deals and specials brought straight to your inbox by subscribing to our newsletter!
  • Search for hot discounts online by using coupon sites. I really enjoy CouponCabin and RetailMeNot.
  • Google “today’s clothing sales.” Lists that you can browse through are often compiled by news or fashion firms.


When it comes to saving money for clothing, every cent counts. To gain additional cash back and find coupons for my online shopping, I enjoy utilizing Honey and Rakuten. These are two internet add-ons that guarantee you’re receiving the best value possible when you shop online (and occasionally in-store, too!).

You can be sure you’re receiving the greatest deal because Honey will automatically search for coupon codes for the goods in your cart. You will also receive Honey Gold, which can be exchanged for money or goods (although Rakuten offers more cash back). Also, keeping an eye on pricing trends enables you to determine when the optimal moment is to acquire an item by determining whether its price is rising or falling.

Although though Rakuten also provides promotional codes, we prefer the cash back option. By just activating the plugin, you can receive from 1 to 10% cash back on things you already purchase. Even their webpage can be browsed for double cash back stores and current promotions. With Rakuten, I’ve gotten back more than $110 in cash since 2016!

Examine your credit cards as well. If you make purchases from tiny companies like Current Boutique, some credit cards, like American Express, can give you more points or cash back.


For 2020, versatility is a hot subject. A blouse that will look excellent during a virtual call and feel comfortable while you relax on the couch is what you want. You want jeans that you can wear to work, happy hour, and dog walking. Although they should be flats, your shoes should feel like slippers.

We’ve always believed that clothing should feel as nice as it looks. It’s even more well-liked and popular now! What are some looks that are stylish, comfortable, and appropriate for just about every occasion?

  • T-shirt dress (long or short sleeve)
  • White tee shirt, cardigan, black leggings or dark jeans
  • Tie-neck blouse with leggings
  • Kimono wrap (perfect for home, chilling, or beach)
  • Black leggings and fitted T-shirt


When you pay for something, you want to receive quality. Not knowing what you’re buying when buying clothes is one of the biggest blunders you can make. Some high-end retailers deliver subpar apparel, while some budget retailers genuinely offer the greatest components and workmanship.

Hence, be aware of what you’re buying before you spend money on a brand. Here, you may learn how to shop for high-quality clothing like a pro.

This is particularly difficult if you’re purchasing online (which we all are right now). How can you tell if you’re purchasing high-quality goods? look into the company brand. Check out their mission statement and core principles to learn more about them. To find out what people are saying about the brand, visit various social media and review websites.

I make an effort to adore each item in my closet. Understanding your clothing’s origins is essential to appreciate what you have in your closet. You’ll feel more connected to your garments, which will boost your self-assurance when you put them on your body.

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