Most Popular Teams in Sports

Most Popular Teams in Sports

While many struggling sports teams yearn for a bigger fan base, better media coverage, and greater visibility, certain teams just naturally take the limelight. Here, we will discuss about the most popular teams in Sports

These clubs continue to shine in front of the hungry camera lens of the sports media, regardless of their legendary championship resume, enormous roster, or yearly controversy.

Let’s take a look at the 10 most popular sports teams in the world.

1. Manchester United

As the first English football club to win the European Cup, Manchester United naturally garnered plenty of attention.

Since taking over in 1986, current manager Sir Alex Ferguson has won 37 major awards, maintaining the early stardom.

While their record 19 league titles, 11 FA Cups, four League Cups and 19 FA Community Shields are quite commendable, their Forbes magazine-high $1.86 billion worth speaks the loudest with their popularity.

2. New York Yankees

While a record 27 World Series victories and 40 American League pennants speak for themselves, it’s the Pinstripes ethos that has led to worldwide notoriety and a devoted fanbase.

Following former owner George Steinbrenner and his free-spending aura, the team’s fans expect only the best.

While it’s become evident that money doesn’t buy titles, the New York Yankees continue to dominate the American League en route to an annual playoff appearance.

With 43 players and 11 managers having been inducted into the Hall of Fame, their history continues to conquer their future.

3. Los Angeles Lakers

The Lakers are well-known for having the NBA’s longest winning streak (33 games), 16 Hall of Famers, and four MVPs, but it is their incredible clutch play that has gained the team the most respect.

The experienced Los Angeles organization, never destitute of superstars, has won 17 championships (16 in the NBA) and continues to terrify opponents with vivid colors and outstanding play.

For any former Laker, a career in the spotlight after basketball seems inevitable.

4. Real Madrid

With a league-high 31 trophies and an average attendance of 70,736, this illustrious club continues to place great demands on its players.

While goalie Iker Casillas has undoubtedly helped matters by dating gorgeous Spanish reporter Sara Carbonero, Cristiano Ronaldo’s consistently-rotating array of conquests has proven to amuse his supporters the most.

5. Green Bay Packers

The Packers’ star-studded roster and illustrious past have contributed to the team’s high standing among league fans, despite the fact that they undoubtedly have the sexiest fans in the NFL.

It’s understandable why bandwagon fans are hopping on given that Clay Matthews and Aaron Rodgers rank among the league’s top jersey sellers.

It also helps that they have won 13 league championships, more than any other NFL team.

6. Dallas Cowboys

The Cowboys have the numbers to support their popularity, despite their recent lack of success casting doubt on their future prospects.

A total of 160 regular-season and postseason games (starting in 1990) were sold out during their run, which included 79 consecutive home games and 81 consecutive away games.

With their nail-biting games and underwhelming performances, the Dallas franchise—which has the highest annual income of any NFL team at $269 million—will have no trouble attracting fans.

7. Michigan Wolverines Football

In addition to having the most victories overall and the highest winning % in college football history, the Wolverines are renowned for drawing astounding crowds to Michigan Stadium—more people attend a Wolverines game on average than an NFL game.

These games are spectacles rather than merely everyday football confrontations.

8. Boston Red Sox

Despite their undoubted popularity, which is demonstrated by their almost-32,000 average trip attendance and their eight consecutive seasons of sellouts at Fenway Park, Red Sox supporters’ ire was perhaps at its height between 1918 and 2004, when they were devoid of championships.

The Red Sox fandom was overjoyed when the team won the World Series in 2004 and 2007.

The media may have been hostile following this year’s collapse, but the devoted fan base will always exist.

9. Detroit Red Wings

It is understandable why the sports media refers to Detroit as “Hockeytown” given that the Detroit Red Wings have won the most Stanley Cups of any NHL team with a US base (11 total).

The fan base will be impressed after making the playoffs for the past 20 years and only missing them four times between 1933 and 1966. Any American sports organization has never had a longer streak of postseason appearances than this one.

10. New York Giants

The New York Giants, who have won seven NFL championships and are a part of what is perhaps the league’s fiercest rivalry with the Philadelphia Eagles, have earned praise for their relentless ground-and-pound offense and consistently effective defense since its founding in 1925.

They continue to set fashion standards with their 79,310 average attendance.

11. Arsenal F.C.

Despite Emirates Stadium’s modest 60,361 seating capacity, this squad has a devoted fan base.

There is little doubt that Arsenal’s position as the third most valuable association football club in the world as of 2010 ($1.2 billion) attracts the most attention, despite the fact that the club has won 13 First Division, Premier League, and FA Cup championships as well as 10 FA Cups.

Money still offers opportunities.

12. Pittsburgh Steelers

The legendary mustard-covered past of this squad has attracted a devoted and grateful fanbase.

The Steelers have more Super Bowl victories (six), AFC Championship victories (eight), and conference championship game hosting victories (eleven) than any other AFC or NFC team. However, it is their steadfastly fearless defensive presence that has continued to terrify opponents and thrill Pittsburgh fans.

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