15 Ways To Spruce Up A Room

15 Ways To Spruce Up A Room

In contrast to your newly designed space, other rooms in your home may appear drab and worn out as you focus on finishing your interior decorating job in one room. Thus, while you try to complete that one outstanding place, consider applying some of these new concepts throughout your house to bring everything together. Here are the 15 ways to spruce up a room:

1. Treat your windows to something new.

Swags of cloth that are ready to hang are a quick update that frequently produce striking results. Also, you don’t even need to make drapes or set up the sewing machine. Consider purchasing new blinds, valances, or window coverings in a fresh color, pattern, or texture. Also look into new window treatment hardware. Maybe all you need to update the style is a new tieback or curtain rod.

2. Plant a new look.

Take advantage of artificial or genuine plants and flowers to express your creativity. Utilize vases, baskets, wreaths, decorative pots, jugs, bottles or antiques. You can place your arrangements on the ground, a table, a windowsill, or you can hang them from the ceiling or the wall. Put imitation flowers in a vintage watering can, or construct a window box within your window.

3. Add an area rug for coziness.

Lighter-colored carpets can give brightness to a space, and oriental-style rugs will elevate the decor. Rugs can anchor a sitting arrangement and serve as an excellent focal point in an open space.

4. Enjoy a faux fireplace.

To appreciate the romance and ambiance of a fireplace, you don’t need access to the chimney! Install a “fireplace” unit with a realistic appearance that you may get from specialty stores. Instead, make your own “fireplace” lit by candles: Visit your preferred flea market or antique shop to look for a fireplace mantle. Fill it with various candlesticks after giving it a fresh coat of paint to fit your decor. Make sure the candles are secure, have enough of air, and are resting on a fire-resistant base (for safety’s sake).

5. Bring nature inside.

Install a miniature fountain, then plant a border around it. Put up an aquarium or a luxuriant terrarium. Create a little Zen garden or experiment with bonsai growing. A beautiful birdcage can be hung from the ceiling and filled with anything from imitation birds to plants. (If you intend to keep a live pet bird, make sure you purchase the proper cage; some cages are simply intended for aesthetic purposes.)

6. Lighten up.

By replacing or recovering your lamp shades with fresh fabric, you can alter your present lighting. Think about putting strip lights inside, above, or underneath cabinets. Put some lights in different places to draw attention to any artwork or family heirlooms you have on display, or cover low-wattage can lights with plants or furniture to add a soft glow.

7. Paint it.

Change the color of your trim, a single wall, or the ceiling. For the corner walls, paint vines. Create a border by stenciling one along the chair rail or at the ceiling. Consider painting a fake throw rug on your wooden floor if you’re feeling creative! Visit a specialist shop to learn more about the modern, simple-to-use fake finish methods, textured rollers, and stencils available today.

8. Shelve it.

Make a specific space for your favorite family photos or display artifacts there. Open shelves, cubby holes, cabinets with mullion glass doors, and other storage solutions may give any area a fresh look and aid with organization.

9. Have fun with fabric.

A new blanket, tablecloth, or piece of upholstery may give a space more color, texture, depth, and personality. You may easily alter your decor to match the seasons and special occasions by making simple fabric adjustments. Have fun with pillows. For your bed, couch, chair, or floor, purchase or manufacture coordinating or contrasting pillows. You have a limitless selection of pillows, including big, little, fringed, and leather.

10. Try a new theme.

Particularly in children’s bedrooms, bathrooms, and playrooms, themed design works nicely. Glow-in-the-dark star decals can give your young rocketeer a night sky ceiling. Alternately, make your bathroom tropical by adding decorations with a jungle theme, a tropical fish shower curtain, and a few fresh, vibrant hand towels.

11. Deck the walls.

Alter, reposition, or draw attention to the art already present in your room. Creative matting and picture frames can give artworks and photographs new vitality. Frequently, reducing or grouping already existing art works best. A beautiful mirror can give the space more depth visually.

12. Accent with decorative screens.

A three-panel screen can be strategically positioned to function as art and alter how a room is perceived to be laid out. They can be crafted from bamboo, wood, fabric, paper, or beads, and they can be embellished with fabric that matches the style of your room. They can be compressed or expanded to fit your area thanks to their accordion-fold construction (plus, they store easily).

13. Dress up the details.

Bit by little, the modest decorative fixtures throughout your rooms can add up to a lot of flair. Installing new light switch plates is an option, as is covering the old ones with complementary wallpaper or fabric. Install ornate moldings around the edge of the ceiling or add a medallion above the chandelier to give interest to plain ceilings.

14. Get your hands around the problem.

Doorknobs, drawer pulls, and cabinet handles can start to seem worn out after many years of use. And because there are so many fashionable options, changing the hardware may completely transform a space.

15. Trim it out.

The majority of rooms have numerous possibilities to add decorative moldings and trim. Any room can look more elegant and timeless with the addition of wainscoting, elaborate chair rails, or crown molding.

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